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Freedcamp by the numbers – 2015

We’ve come a long way since our official launch in 2010. After 6 short years we’re still on a mission to create the simplest and most intuitive collaboration tool, while providing flexibility to support any type of project. We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made in 2015 to get one step closer to that goal.

Freedcamp Gets Better Everyday

During this past year we’ve launched some pretty amazing features and reached some great achievements.

March 2015

New Dashboard, Kanban Mode in Tasks and more

April 2015

New Notifications page

May 2015

Quick Add, new Project Templates, redesigned Time Tracking.

June 2015

Launched campaign to support non-profits, teachers and students. We’ve set up over 300 organizations since and add three a day now. We couldn’t be happier with all the amazing things our system is used for, supporting organizations who help make the world a better place is definitely our biggest achievement yet.

July 2015

Moved from 11th to 8th place in Capterra’s global project management rankings.

Started iPhone app development.

September 2015

Nominated for the best budget/small business collaboration and project management tool.

October 2015

Launched Subtasks. Advanced version coming early 2016.
Global boards were added – Calendar & Tasks.
Found an unconventional way to support Freedcamp’s development, while remaining a FREE system by allowing companies to sponsor new features. Big thanks to our sponsors, can’t wait to share all the new features coming next year.

All Year

Giving you the best support possible.

In 2015 we’ve hit some major milestones


In 2015 – 3504 tasks were created every single day. This is 146 tasks an hour or 2 tasks every minute. Compared to 2014 it’s more than twice as many tasks. So far we have more than 3 million completed tasks in Freedcamp. Good job to all the hard work done via Freedcamp.


800 files were added each day, with a file uploaded every 2 minutes.


Our users added more than one comment a minute. There are 525,600 minutes in a year, and someone was contributing during every single one of them.

Well done!

The busiest projects had over 400 users. And our busiest team created over 1000 projects during last year.

We’ve been fortunate to have 14 users joining Freedcamp every single hour over the past 365 days!

Stats for coders and alike

Number of contributors 4
Total commits 1987
Total files changed 6428
Total changed lines 86994 (53583 added, 33411 deleted)
Commits each month average – 180, min – 46, max – 274

We hope you get excited by data as much as we do. We breathe productivity.