Monthly Archives: November, 2019

New – Work Week Settings

We added two more options to suit all of our customers regardless of their location. These options are available in User Settings (1) as a separate section (2). Week Start Day (3) – impacts Calendar Board and a project Calendar

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CRM – updates in Contacts

We replaced predefined social networks and messengers in CRM Contacts with fully custom ones. You can click (+) to add a new entry (1) and (2). Type messenger type and enter a username (3). It works the same for social

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Wiki – new table plugins

We added an option to enable new table plugins in Wiki application. To do so please go to My Account and turn it on: Do not forget to save settings! Now in Wiki application, after you added a table (1),

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Reports – updates

We updated Reports Summary view (1) and added XLS export (2). The top section will show each project status(3). You can switch between two methods of project progress calculation (4) as described in our documentation. If you use Time tracking

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Desktop application – new version


We finally released an update of our desktop application and promise to make bug fix releases sooner from now on! Here is what we fixed – thanks to your feedback and bug reports posted in the last few months: Application

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Time Tracking – five new export formats and more

You can now export time records across all projects from the Tasks Board (1) in five different ways (4). You use predefined (2) and custom dates selection filters (3). Hints (5) are added for each format. We also released the

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