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Custom Fields: Add Icons to Dropdown Values for Clarity and Efficiency

We are excited to announce the ability to add icons to dropdown custom fields for Tasks and Projects. This new feature brings clarity and efficiency to your team by visually enhancing field meanings. To get started, visit the Manage System

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Place tasks at the top of the list

You can now place tasks at the top of the task list with a simple toggle:

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Microproductivity: How to Break Big Tasks Into Smaller Pieces in Project Management

breaking tasks into smaller pieces

We’ve all been there before. You’re starting a huge project, whether it’s a work assignment or a home improvement project, and you have no idea where to begin. It can be overwhelming to try to tackle a big task all

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‘Group by’ in the Issue Tracker application

Exciting news! We’ve just rolled out the feature to “group by” issues in the Issue Tracker application.Now, you have the flexibility to track issues in a way that aligns with your team’s preferences and workload. Stay tuned as our team

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Introducing Freedcamp’s AI Project Creation Assistant: Your New Project Management Powerhouse

Project Management - Create Projects with Artificial Intelligence

Are you tired of the manual work and time-consuming setup that comes with launching a new project? Do you often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to outline all the tasks, figure out dependencies, and assign

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Display tracked time in Gantt

Exciting news! Freedcamp has introduced a new time-tracked column in the Gantt view. Users can now easily add it to the left navigation panel, providing a quick glance at both total and individual time tracked on tasks and subtasks. 🚀

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Bulk move tasks & subtasks

Introducing a new and powerful capability – now, leverage the filter function and Bulk Edit to effortlessly select any tasks or subtasks and efficiently move them in bulk to a new parent task or subtask. We invite you to give

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Adding your voice into conversations

Feel free to express yourself with voice notes! Adding your personal touch to conversations has never been easier. Now, you can include Voice Messages directly in your browser. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

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Ditch the Notes and Capture the Moment: Record Your Conference Calls as Videos!

record conference calls as videos

Ever miss a crucial detail in a fast-paced conference call? Scramble to take notes while important points fly by? We’ve got news that will transform your meetings forever! Introducing our latest feature: the ability to record your conference calls as

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Bulk edit for tasks custom fields

We’ve recently expanded the capabilities of the bulk edit feature in Freedcamp by introducing support for custom fields. Let’s delve into how this enhanced feature operates. Thank you for watching! Feel free to give it a try and share your

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