Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Duplicating a Task is here


Much awaited feature request to copy and move tasks was just launched. You can duplicate tasks within Freedcamp! For premium plans we have also added the ability to copy a task into another project. What is supported? – Subtasks – copied. All

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Integrating with Slack – Workaround


Each user will need to create a slack email integration. The slack integration will post in the Slackbot channel as a ‘Freedcamp’ bot. “Slackbot” is a special channel for bots. It is not shared between users. Each user has a Slackbot

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New Recap email


Staying up to date with Freedcamp until today meant reading through a long email containing every update from the past day, or using the Calendar board to see all items with a Due Date in one place. To help you

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Custom Fields – in XLS export and data feed links


We’ve exposed your custom field values to our XLS exports and data feed links. Custom Fields data will be added to the XLS export and the Data Feed Links, if: 1) It’s an export to XLS or a data feed link for a

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