Monthly Archives: December, 2019

🐵 Highlight projects – a new browser extension

We added our first Tampermonkey userscript allowing you to highlight your projects on the Projects Board and a project picker. Install Install Tampermonkey extension for your browser. Select Tampermonkey extension (1), Dashboard (2) Select the ‘Utilities tab (3), ‘Install from

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⚙️ Better visibility of billable users

We improved the ‘Subscriptions – Invoices & History‘ page and released it as the ‘Users’ page on the Free plan. On paid plans, this page is called ‘Invoices & History‘ 1 – you can see all users active this billing month

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📱 Mobile Application – Fantastic New Updates

After a significant investment re-writing our Rich Text Editor, we’ve added some great new features and optimized the interface. Making sure we comply with Google’s new requirements. We finally released new versions on Android and iOS. The new editor nows

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