Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Version 2.2 Release.


Version 2.2 is here. Here are some of the important additions and changes: Marketplace Revamp   Enhancements to purchasing applications, installing, and handling billing subscriptions. Added extra security enhancements, and fully qualified for PCI Compliance UX & UI Changes Project Switcher

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Version 2.1 Release.


Version 2.1 has arrived! Here are some of the important additions and changes: To-Do Filtering New and Improved Widgets Activity Widget (old style dashboard) CRM Widget Tasky Widget Printer Friendly Freedcamp (you can now print pages that look great on

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Recent Server Downtime.

A response to our users regarding our recent downtime. Our service provider has made a few mistakes with our server configuration, causing our servers to become unavailable for short periods of time. With this in mind, we’re trying our best

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