Monthly Archives: January, 2016

Help us make the Freedcamp iOS app a reality we can all enjoy!


We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support building our completely free mobile application. With your help we can bring this application to market and help thousands of non-profit organizations and schools manage their projects on the go. There

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Set your home page in Freedcamp


You can now change default (Dashboard) and set your preferred view to be your Home page. You can select from Dashboard, Widgets board, Calendar board or Tasks board. Home page is what you see when you log in and also

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Add your mind maps to projects with MindMup Atlas


Mind maps are an awesome way to visualize large or small ideas. How things are related, and what leads to what. If you have heard of mind maps and would like to use then within Freedcamp here is how you

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Export to XLS – added to Global Tasks board

We’ve added a new option to export only filtered results to Excel in Tasks, Milestones, Time & Issue Tracker. Now you can also export to XLS everything¬†or just filtered tasks across all of your projects from global Tasks Board in

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