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Help us make the Freedcamp iOS app a reality we can all enjoy!

Freedcamp iOS app Kickstarter

We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support building our completely free mobile application. With your help we can bring this application to market and help thousands of non-profit organizations and schools manage their projects on the go.

There are two ways to help! Back us with any of the rewards on our kickstarter page. Share the word, send the link to our kickstarter campaign to all your friends and family –

We are grateful for any help to make this dream come true.

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  1. Aaron Meyer says

    I am wondering how close to completion this app is as I see the last posted date is in January?

  2. Janice Rooths says

    I need this app on my iPhone!!!

    • Igor Kryltsov says

      Currently is reviewed by Apple to be published.

  3. Nicholas says

    Any update for ios version? Any idea how soon will be realeased?thanks