Monthly Archives: October, 2019

Gantt for Projects – project progress is added

We applied project progress calculation recently released in the Reports to our Gantt for projects view. We will be adding the ability to export Reports and Gantt for Projects data in XLS format soon. It will include a column with

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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp? As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight: Project Overview Added Project Statuses and Status Updates with email notifications. The last project status shows up on our Project Board.

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Reports – New Progress Calculation

We now offer two different types of progress calculations. Our previous method, which uses Task counts. And the new, more precise approach, which uses durations where possible and tasks completion percentages. Old reports will automatically benefit from these new types of calculations! Please check specifics

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Project Overview – Now with Project Statuses & Updates

In addition to our August update to the Project Overview application, we’ve added the ability for project managers to add project status updates. Tags for these updates work like project statuses, the last project update tag is shown in the Project Board. Project Updates enjoy the same

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📈 Gantt Chart Resource Management – Hours, Tasks, and Filters


The ability to stay on top of your Project’s resources is critical. It allows you to get a general overview for each project, more importantly, it also enables you to break it down to the various aspects that make up the resource allocation of that project. With

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Single Sign-On – added AWS

In addition to Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Citrix and Google SSO we now support AWS SSO and were officially listed as a supported vendor in AWS documentation after AWS staff tested and approved it. Access Freedcamp with corporate credentials using

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