Monthly Archives: April, 2017

Freedcamp’s Favorite Team!

Even though we try not to play favorites, there is a team that’s very special to us. That team has been with us since the early days. They helped us shape the product and enable their large user base to manage hundreds

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The Top 5 Free Project Management Software Tools for Small Business and Start-Ups


Why Free Project Management Software? It’s simple, you need a solution to stay organized, a tool that will help you and your team be happier and more productive. It wasn’t long ago when the only way to enjoy any free

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New Public Profile

Check the new My Account page and update the info your team can see to easily contact you. Each field is optional. It is visible to your Freedcamp team only. It works with the @mention feature we released earlier but we do

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Data Feed Links Improvements

If you do not need all the information provided by our data feed links you can limit it and pull only the information you need. Simply add the columns you want to be pulled in the order you want and add

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Emailing into Freedcamp


You can create tasks, discussions, issues and upload files by sending emails to Freedcamp. Unlike other systems, we implemented it slightly different. For example, we allow anyone you shared the email-in email to post into Freedcamp. We also allow you to regenerate emails and

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Two improvements in two popular widgets

In Tasks Widget we added new option ‘Unassigned’ to let you control tasks being added to your projects but not assigned to anyone. In Activity Widget you can now exclude your own action with ‘All but me; option – totally

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