Monthly Archives: September, 2016

‘Isabella’ release is here


Another release named after one of our Kickstarter backers request, ‘Isabella’ is here! Why the crown? Our backer Collin Gibson said, “Isabella was a Spanish Queen my mom was named after and this was her crown. Let’s dedicate this Freedcamp update to all

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Shortcut to see Task and Subtask Descriptions

Wherever you see the comment icon for tasks and subtasks with ‘…’ you can hover over with your mouse to view the task description. Check out the animated GIF below to see this in action!

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Get your last invite message with one click

When inviting new people to a project, you can now easily retrieve your last custom invite message.

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Search by issue ID (with or without prefix) and unique ID in Issue Tracker

You can now search issues by: Issue ID (with and without prefix) or Unique ID provided by us inside URL. Check out the GIF below to see this in action. Update: See all Issue Tracker features in our documentation.

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Filter tasks and time records by date interval

We’ve added the ability to filter Tasks by date created or due date, and Time by date. For example, this allows you to easily see time records for this month or tasks with due dates this and next month. Check out the GIF

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Never lose your changes with Auto-Save


We added an Auto-Save feature! Like Gmail, this saves a draft as you type and allows you to reload and continue later on. Check out the GIF below to see how it works. Auto-save is great if you forgot to save your message or closed browser by

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Use Project Templates to Plan Backwards!

Previously you had to plan from earliest due date forward, but now you can also plan from last due date going backwards. If your source project’s latest milestone or task due date is set to 15 Jan 2016, and you

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Fine tune notifications using your email client – comments only

Most email clients these days are pretty sophisticated, underused tools. Users often have very different requests about how to get one kind of notifications but not the other from these systems. Eventually, we will add some customization but from our

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Calendars now have filters you can save


Now you can filter your project calendars and global Calendar and save your filters to quickly switch context. Please click animated gif file below to zoom in. You can also filter by application. We currently display tasks with due dates

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Shortcuts in Freedcamp

We have added shortcuts! We find this tool handy to quickly add items that you are involved with in a project, but want to handle later. Shortcuts are also good to collect items to discuss during your next team meeting. Check out the GIF

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