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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp?

As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight:

Project Overview

  • Added Project Statuses and Status Updates with email notifications.
  • The last project status shows up on our Project Board.

Gantt View

  • Updated Resource View – switch between tasks and hours.
  • When filters are applied, resource summaries will only show for the filtered results.


  • Added support for importing Custom Fields from XLS.


  • Sort Contacts and Leads by ‘Company’.
  • Status filters for a CRM call on the Calendar Board – past CRM calls are assumed ‘Completed’, CRM calls which are happening right now are considered ‘In Progress’ and the future CRM calls are considered as ‘Not Started’.



Manage System

  • You can see the global/project team’s name as well as the security profile when managing each user’s access to projects.


  • We now offer two types of progress calculations. A simple task count approach, and more precise method which uses task durations. All previous reports will already benefit from the new calculation.
  • You can also sort user charts based on the number of completed tasks.
  • Users who only have tracked time and no tasks will now also show up in reports!


  • Global search by tags includes tags applied not only to items but also comments.
  • CRM items are now globally searchable by tags, comments and tags within comments.


Single Sign-On


  • Switched off browser autocomplete in Freedcamp fields which cannot benefit from it.
  • 2FA – now respects ’Keep me logged for 14 days’ option available on Sign-In page.
  • Billing emails will receive more notifications like expired card or failed payment in addition to invoices.
  • Added Recap as an option to be your default landing page in Freedcamp.