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Version 2.2 Release.

Version 2.2 is here. Here are some of the important additions and changes:

Marketplace Revamp  

Enhancements to purchasing applications, installing, and handling billing subscriptions. Added extra security enhancements, and fully qualified for PCI Compliance

UX & UI Changes

  • Project Switcher Upgrade – You can now go directly into applications of a project using our new and re-styled project switcher.
  • Sorting 2.0 – We’ve been building our own sorting framework to easily sort your items in each applications. Feel free to try it out!
  • Last Login on Group Wall – We’ve added “Last Login” message for offline users. Keep track of who’s online, and keep better track of who’s offline as well.
  • Activity Widget Links – Activity widget now has links to the relevant item, making it easier to navigate through project’s progress.

Additional Features

  • Login Using Email – Forgot your username? Just use your e-mail to log in instead. You can use either your username or email.
  • Security Enhancements and Bug Fixes – Thank you for taking the time to report bugs to us. We’ve fixed majority of the bugs that have been reported, and added extra security enhancements to keep your projects safe.