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From Project Management To Household Management.

Freedcamp is more than just a project management application, it helps families organize their day to day activities, chores, and goals. Today we introduce one of the many ways Freedcamp can be used within a household setting.

Need to organize a list of weekly chores for your kids? Start a to-do list of who does the dishes, takes out the garbage, mows the grass, or vacuums the living room.

What about after school activities such as baseball practice, band, or swimming lessons? Start a discussion listing important details and upload timeless memories such as pictures, statistics, and videos.

Working on a kitchen remodling project and need supplies from the store? Post some to-dos for your spouse listing materials that need to be purchased. They will thank you later when you save them an extra trip to the hardware store.

Kids bugging you about that cute puppy you saw at the animal shelter? Set a milestone for the day you want to bring him home, and relate the date to additional tasks that need to be completed before hand.

The other day we received a real world example from one of our users. Here is a quick snippet on their collaboration:

“The first project included me and my daughter. She has been wanting a hamster so we started a project about that. We write ideas and links back and forth on the wall and we have a milestone set for when she uploads a document that details all of the supplies needed to take care of a hamster for a month. It’s really been working well.”

“My wife and I have been using it as a discussion place for a redecoration project for our living room…. my wife loves that I stay on top of the organization. She loves having only a handful of places to go to stay on top of things and jot down ideas.”

We love to see Freedcamp used in creative ways. It’s not only inspirational to us, but gives a great example on how it can be used outside of your business. If you would like to share how you use Freedcamp in your day to day activities, leave us a comment!