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Time Tracking – five new export formats and more

You can now export time records across all projects from the Tasks Board (1) in five different ways (4). You use predefined (2) and custom dates selection filters (3). Hints (5) are added for each format.

We also released the same for Time Tracking export from a project but added some extra powers to it (see below & click to enlarge) – we allow you to export filtered results and if ‘Date’ is part of your filter – it will be preselected in the export dialogue.

Based on your feedback, we added ‘Decimal’ columns for time exported in addition to HH:MM in a separate column to make it easier to apply rates and use formulas in XLS file to count totals in currency value for your contractors and staff.

We will be adding the same ‘ All | Filtered’ approach to Tasks Board global time entries export soon.