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Mobile Application – New Updates

Here are highlights of our new public beta release available now. Please access these links on your device to join the public beta on Android or iOS (you can install the beta version in TestFlight). 🔮 New multi-function button You

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New – Work Week Settings

We added two more options to suit all of our customers regardless of their location. These options are available in User Settings (1) as a separate section (2). Week Start Day (3) – impacts Calendar Board and a project Calendar

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GSync – Improvements

Our instant Google Calendar synchronization is now much smoother and will not override calendar attributes. You can safely synchronize from Freedcamp to your Google Calendar. In the past, we instantly overrode the Google Calendar event as changes occurred. It made it so you couldn’t

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Exciting Calendar Updates: Event attachments, RSVP, Comments and external participants

In the last few months, we have added a lot of new things into the Freedcamp Calendar app to make it easier to organize and run your events! Here is a summary: 1. We added recurrence (1) and allowed you

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Calendar Sharing – now with extra information

Additional information is added to the external calendars you are sharing via GSync or calendar export/import 1 – only start and due dates or event times were pushed before 2 – now you can see if it is a task, issue,

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Calendar – Change task status with a simple click

Change the status of a task in the Freedcamp Calendar by clicking the checkbox icon. Works in monthly, weekly, and daily view as well as the Calendar Board. Monthly View Click animation to zoom in Daily View Click animation to zoom

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Calendar Sharing – Major Update!


We worked hard to improve our Google Calendar Sync and added the ability to share calendars with pretty much any calendaring software. Here is the summary: – Share your Freedcamp calendars via link (Apple Calendar and MS Outlook are now

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Start and End times added to Calendar Events


In addition to added support for recurrent events in March – we have just added start and end time. Freedcamp events now have support for: – single day or multi-day ‘all day’ events – single day or multi-day events which

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Recurring Events


We added recurring events and email notifications are coming soon. Managing recurring events is done in one place and updated for all other instances: – when you edit one – all instances are updated. – when you reschedule an event –

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‘Isabella’ release is here


Another release named after one of our Kickstarter backers request, ‘Isabella’ is here! Why the crown? Our backer Collin Gibson said, “Isabella was a Spanish Queen my mom was named after and this was her crown. Let’s dedicate this Freedcamp update to all

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