Daily Archives: June 12th, 2018

Exciting Calendar Updates: Event attachments, RSVP, Comments and external participants

In the last few months, we have added a lot of new things into the Freedcamp Calendar app to make it easier to organize and run your events! Here is a summary: 1. We added recurrence (1) and allowed you

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Manage System – new option ‘Export Projects’ list is added


We have added an extra option to the Manage System page which allows you to pull all projects you own with some handy information added such as: – project group name – project name – project group owner – project owner’s

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Project and Time Reporting with Freedcamp and Power BI

Please check a blog post of our early adopter and a passionate user – Jiří Pešík sharing how he used Freedcamp API beta and Power BI to create custom reports. “This Spring, developers on Freedcamp have released a beta version

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Changes in recurrent tasks – based on your feedback


Our first release of recurrent tasks in Freedcamp had a bare minimum to get you recurring. 🙂 If you set a task to repeat every Monday – we create a new task every Monday. We ignored start and/or due dates

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