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Calendar Sharing – Major Update!

We worked hard to improve our Google Calendar Sync and added the ability to share calendars with pretty much any calendaring software.

Here is the summary:
– Share your Freedcamp calendars via link (Apple Calendar and MS Outlook are now supported with this option)
– Share calendar from the Calendar Board globally without the need to do it in each project
РApply filters on the Calendar Board or Project Calendar before generating a link or enabling GSync
– Set calendar name and description
– Manage all your shared Calendars on the new page under My Account -> Calendars
– In case we lost access to your Google synced calendars we will email you proactively and let you resync all out of sync calendars yourself (before you needed to contact our friendly support for a fix)

Overall, we are very happy with this release – system is proactive, self healing, easier to support by us and, and most of all, has tons of new functionalities to save your precious time!
Please check our updated documentation for more details.