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🔎 Filters – blocked/available and last updated

We added the ‘Available’ filter in Tasks application with values Yes and No, which will be truly appreciated by teams using dependencies between tasks. How it works? Yes – all immediate predecessors are completed   No – at least one immediate

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✔️ Assigning tasks to multiple people, the easy way

We asked you to complete a survey and identified a few use cases. A. Shared responsibilityFor example, the ‘Fix computer’ task is assigned to Bob and John who are both responsible to complete this task. Both Bob and John will

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📱 Mobile Application – New Updates

Here are highlights of our new public beta release available now and following our December update. Please access these links on your device to join the public beta on Android or iOS (you can install the beta version in TestFlight).

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Manually start task recurrence

After your feedback that after you complete a bi-weekly task, you want to see the next recurrence before a week passes. Instead of waiting for a task to recur based on Freedcamp scheduled time definition (created 7 days before its recurrence

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Importing Tasks to Multiple Projects

You can import a set of tasks to a list of selected Projects (2) and Project Groups (1) from the Tasks Board. If you need to bring a new set of tasks or task lists (with tasks and subtasks) to multiple projects – please

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📅 Reschedule Task Lists and Tasks with ‘Shift Dates’


You can now reschedule your tasks to be done earlier (enter negative dates offset value) or later with ‘Shift Dates function available on a task list level (click images to enlarge, please) and task level (will also reshedule subtasks): By

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Copy/Move Task Lists and Tasks

You can copy/move tasks with subtasks and task lists in Freedcamp now. You can also copy and move tasks and tasks lists between projects on all paid plans In Freddcamp. Please start your 14 days trial on our pricing page.

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Four New Features Added to Tasks Lists


We just released four new options for Task Lists. (1) – Copy/Move task list in the same or another project (2) – Shift dates (3) – Collapse/Expand all subtasks in a task list in addition to the option provided for

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Reschedule Deadlines Quickly with Shift Dates!


We are excited to announce ‘Shift Dates’ functionality available on all plans including the Free Plan. You can now move all deadlines for tasks that have not been started, forward (to schedule for later execution) or backward (to start tasks

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Changes in recurrent tasks – based on your feedback


Our first release of recurrent tasks in Freedcamp had a bare minimum to get you recurring. 🙂 If you set a task to repeat every Monday – we create a new task every Monday. We ignored start and/or due dates

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