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Never miss your CRM Tasks

You can see your CRM tasks now on the Calendar Board. CRM tasks are also fully supported by instant Google Calendar sharing – Gsync, as well as link export/import sharing in your Freedcamp calendars. You will see your upcoming CRM tasks

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See recently finished tasks even after hiding completed ones


We often get the question, how to keep recently completed tasks showing but hide tasks completed over X days ago. In big and long-running projects you typically want to see recent progress made, having the ability to reopen recently closed tasks.

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Calendar – Change task status with a simple click

Change the status of a task in the Freedcamp Calendar by clicking the checkbox icon. Works in monthly, weekly, and daily view as well as the Calendar Board. Monthly View Click animation to zoom in Daily View Click animation to zoom

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🔥 New Update: Improved Tasks Release


In our latest release we’ve made some major improvements to the Tasks application. Here is a recap of what’s changed: Task Groups are now Lists: With Project Groups and Task Groups, the concept of Groups became too confusing for a lot

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Two improvements in two popular widgets

In Tasks Widget we added new option ‘Unassigned’ to let you control tasks being added to your projects but not assigned to anyone. In Activity Widget you can now exclude your own action with ‘All but me; option – totally

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Introducing mentions for People @Name/username


While you’re posting in Freedcamp @-mention a teammate (1), and they’ll be automatically added as a follower and receive your comment. You can always click on mentions (2) and see new profile card. It shows the time difference between you

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How search works in Freedcamp


We updated our documentation describing how search works in Freedcamp. Check it out!

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‘Isabella’ release is here


Another release named after one of our Kickstarter backers request, ‘Isabella’ is here! Why the crown? Our backer Collin Gibson said, “Isabella was a Spanish Queen my mom was named after and this was her crown. Let’s dedicate this Freedcamp update to all

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Shortcut to see Task and Subtask Descriptions

Wherever you see the comment icon for tasks and subtasks with ‘…’ you can hover over with your mouse to view the task description. Check out the animated GIF below to see this in action!

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Filter tasks and time records by date interval

We’ve added the ability to filter Tasks by date created or due date, and Time by date. For example, this allows you to easily see time records for this month or tasks with due dates this and next month. Check out the GIF

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