Google Drive integration


Sharing documents and files is an essential part of collaboration and team work. Your feedback and support was amazing! Thank you. Today we are adding another simple way to keep files and tasks together – Google Drive integration. Google Drive

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Quick Tip: how to export your data to XLS file


Now you can export your Tasks, Milestones and Time Tracking records to XLS file to create custom reports or just print it for a meeting or a client meetup. We also added Milestones information into Tasks export file as, as

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Beautiful Interface, To-Do’s and Milestones integration, and more


Beautiful Interface The redesigned interface will make those long hours of managing your projects a pleasure rather than a chore. We can’t be more proud of this new chapter in Freedcamp history. To-Do’s and Milestones To-Do’s and Milestones are two

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Quick Tip: how to access deactivated projects

Want to look for a file, task or discussion in an inactive project (1) but don’t want to activate it back? Easy – just go to manage projects page (2) and use ‘View’ button (3). Only project owner and group

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Quick Tip: how to send a private message

“Hi, is it possible to contact project users individually… Like send them an email or message through the project’s Freedcamp account? Thanks, Joseph” It is pretty easy. Just use lock icon and select one or many users you want to

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Backup Your Data

We are offering a way to back your data offline. For example, you can always restore data if someone accidentally deleted an important project, task or discussion. We hope that it gives our users a feeling of security, but also

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Backup Your Data, Save With Yearly Storage, Create Group Admins


Backup Your Data Sleep better at night by getting your Freedcamp data safely offline. We now let you export all the To-Do’s, Discussions, and other important data from the Cloud onto your own hard drive at a minimal cost. See

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Webinar #2 Beginner Tutorial


Our second webinar goes back to the basics. It contains 30 minutes of covering the entirety of Freedcamp, after watching it you can call yourself a Freedcamp Expert!   Too simple? Check advanced webinar. If you still have questions after

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Easter Update

We launched a new update this past Sunday for Easter. It included a long list of small improvements and things you may never notice, however a few things stood out so I’d like to point them out. No more generic

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Webinar #1 Semi-Advanced Techniques

We have had our first successful webinar which went over some great Tips & Tricks on getting the most out of Freedcamp.   Topics covered: Marketplace – Magic Dashboard – Window into your Ecosystem Wall – Social Heaven Custom Ordered

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