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Freedcamp officially has more than 1,000,000 users!

About a month ago we hit a whole new milestone in Freedcamp’s history! Our growth has been explosive in the previous year, and it’s only about to skyrocket with a brand new version and many amazing features coming by the end

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The Freedcamp Team Hackathon

We started a new tradition. Once a year all Freedcamp employees will gather somewhere in the world and do a team bonding hackathon experience where we can all work on the awesome ideas we’ve always wanted to build for the

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Freedcamp Version 3 Interface – Beta Testers Needed!


Update 4 July 2017: Big thank you to everyone who helped! New user interface is now live. We’ve been working long hours to develop an entirely new Freedcamp experience. No design element has been left unturned. And now we need

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Freedcamp’s Favorite Team!

Even though we try not to play favorites, there is a team that’s very special to us. That team has been with us since the early days. They helped us shape the product and enable their large user base to manage hundreds

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The Top 5 Free Project Management Software Tools for Small Business and Start-Ups


Why Free Project Management Software? It’s simple, you need a solution to stay organized, a tool that will help you and your team be happier and more productive. It wasn’t long ago when the only way to enjoy any free

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GTD: Getting Things Done Methodology with Freedcamp


It is absolutely natural for us as humans to maintain task lists for various aspects of our lives. Pick up dry cleaning, buy more yogurt, finish that work assignment by Friday, and a multitude of other items we need to accomplish. It is also

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We are almost there, iOS here we come


Our mobile application is in its final stages. We’ve simplified a majority of our screens to streamline the common workflows. Now we just need to tackle the small bugs that arise when you redesign so many screens. We truly appreciate

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You only get once chance to get it right


It pains us greatly to miss our Mobile Application deadline. We want to release it as soon as possible so our users can benefit from all the great features of Freedcamp on their mobile device. However getting the application just right

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Application Rundown: CRM


Customer relationships are what drive most businesses to become successful. In most cases, the customers you serve are directly responsible for the growth and profitability of your company. Maintaining a positive and consistent relationship with these people can be the

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December Updates

To-Do’s Overhaul Our #1 application gets a massive list of improvements that you will fall in love with! Filters are now sticky and won’t get lost when you move around To-Do’s Massive speed improvements, page loads in no time Visually

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