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Freedcamp Version 3 Interface – Beta Testers Needed!

Update 4 July 2017: Big thank you to everyone who helped! New user interface is now live.

We’ve been working long hours to develop an entirely new Freedcamp experience. No design element has been left unturned. And now we need your help to give us the final stamp of approval before we launch it officially.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Navigate to (after you’ve read all the steps)
  2. Sign up for a new account (this isn’t the real Freedcamp database)
  3. Try working with the system as if it’s for real
  4. Click on the “Send Us Feedback” button on the bottom of the screen whenever you want to:
    • Tell us you really like something
    • Tell us that you highly dislike something
    • Report a bug you’ve found (even if you are not sure)
    • Suggest a new feature, or any other improvement

That’s it! We cannot wait to hear all your awesome feedback.