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The Freedcamp Team Hackathon

We started a new tradition. Once a year all Freedcamp employees will gather somewhere in the world and do a team bonding hackathon experience where we can all work on the awesome ideas we’ve always wanted to build for the duration of 2 days. All team members were welcomed at the airport with an oversized Freedcamp sign held by most of the team.

This year some of the notable entries include:


Ability to add annotations to images. So you don’t have to add comments and say things like “The second button on the top left needs to be a bit darker”. Instead you click, write, and give valuable feedback on any part of an image.


Ever wonder how hard you’ve been working, especially compared to the rest of Freedcamp’s userbase? We developed a system that will earn you badges for your hard work and give you a chance to compare your results against all of Freedcamp.

Load Tasks Inside the Task List View

Sometimes opening a task can be such a drag, going away from the list view you have to go back and forth to organize your tasks more appropriately. With this new change you click on a task and it loads instantly on the side of your screen.

Rich Calendar Events

Imagine being able to add entire meeting notes inside a Calendar Event with titles, bold text, and underlining! This is now a reality.

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Internal voting has yielded a tie, so we can’t reward winning team until you vote.

Amazing Experience

The event was a truly amazing experience for the entire team. We all bonded on a whole new level, got to work in person with team members from remote teams thousands of miles away. Everyone had a blast.

Celebration dinner with some great conversations about the good old times.

Everyone presented their ideas with passion, explaining why their idea is worth pursuing.

Even the CEO hacked away at a few of the ideas! Side by side with our awesome CTO Igor