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You only get once chance to get it right

It pains us greatly to miss our Mobile Application deadline. We want to release it as soon as possible so our users can benefit from all the great features of Freedcamp on their mobile device. However getting the application just right is a tricky undertaking.

Currently it has all the features it needs to work just fine. But we don’t want to launch something that’s just fine. We want to launch an application that will change the way you manage projects on a mobile device. This requires that every single workflow is as optimized and simple as possible. If you invite your co-workers or friends they should open the app and feel like they’ve been using it for years. To do this we employ people who have never used Freedcamp to use the application in front of us, so we can find out where they are having difficulties. Then we overhaul each impediment.

At this time we believe we’ve caught all the workflow issues that prevent the app from being “complete”. Our designers are working hard to finalize these screens and hand them off the the iOS development team. Once we implement these improved screens we will be able to launch. And when we launch we will be proud of the product we’ve released.

So hang tight, we are working very hard to deliver the final product soon.