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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp?

As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight:


  • We’ve reimagined the Milestones application from the ground up.


  • “Export to XLS” added to “Gantt for Projects“.
  • Project calculation can be switched between count and duration in ‘Gantt for Projects’. We’ve also added an extra column for showing project completion percentage.


  • New filter to show Tasks that belong to a Milestone.
  • Shift dates for subtasks are available in the Task view page now.
  • Custom Fields template option available when only one template is applied to a project (learn more).


  • Replaced predefined social networks and messengers in CRM Contacts with custom ones.
  • Added an option to delete all Contacts.
  • Replaced text buttons with icons and hints; this allows items to fit on a line regardless of user interface language.


  • Added a new “Export to XLS” option.
  • We now show full names in the Summary tab.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Any user can now see created reports, but only projects they are part of for reports containing multiple projects.


  • Wiki application editor has a new plugin allowing you to edit tables.
  • Allowed “allowfullscreen”, “allowtransparency” for iframes, this helps with embedding your videos into comments and descriptions.


  • Added new work week settings.
  • Free/Busy – previously, all calendars shared with an external system were showing you as busy. Now only calendar events you are part of in Freedcamp will be shown you as busy, and all tasks, issues, and milestones will show you as ‘free’. Learn more about sharing Freedcamp calendars here.
  • Weekend dates are highlighted now in all views, including the “Agenda” view.

Time Tracking


  • Added an option to search in archived lists and projects.
  • Include words with “_” and “%” were missed from results.


  • After a significant investment re-writing our Rich Text Editor, we’ve added some great new features and optimized the interface. Please check the new updates on our blog.


Browser extension

  • We added our first Tampermonkey userscript allowing you to highlight your projects on the Projects Board and a project picker based on four different options. Please give it a try!

White Label

Managing & Administration

  • We improved the ‘Subscriptions – Invoices & History’ page and released it as the ‘Users’ page on the Free plan. Check out how.


  • Launched Facebok group – please join!
  • We have updated our blog with an option to subscribe via email and connected Disqus commenting component.
  • We updated our privacy policy of the new California Consumer Privacy Act. We were already fully compliant, but are required to outline it in our policies explicitly.

  • Added a project description to projects XLS export.
  • “Closer” in the Issue Tracker application, if set, is subscribed to an issue automatically when it is created.
  • When an issue was reported via an issue reporter widget, no user was notified. Now all users are subscribed and notified now.
  • Fixed Issue Tracker reporter to be mobile browser friendly.
  • Fixed issue with Wikis not being copied during project duplication with Project Templates.
  • Invoices – when you duplicate we copy terms and conditions now