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🐵 Custom image background – a new browser extension

Meet our second Tampermonkey userscript allowing you to add custom background images in Freedcamp with plenty of options.

Check project highlight userscript we released earlier.


Install Tampermonkey extension for your browser.

Select Tampermonkey extension (1), Dashboard (2)

Step 1

Select the ‘Utilities tab (3), ‘Install from URL’ (4)

Step 2

Paste this link and click ‘Install’

On the next page click the ‘Install’ button

Step 3 – Once a userscript is loaded ‘Install’ it

The userscript will update automatically if you installed it from the provided URL.

If you use Freedcamp white-label on your own domain – use the above link and save a file locally, edit it to add an extra line and install it from ‘File’.

// @match        *://*
// @match        *://**
// @match        *://*  <<<<<<


Open any Freedcamp page and click the Tampermonkey extension icon to access new userscript (1) config (2). If you installed ‘Project colors’ userscript announced earlier – you will see it here too (3).

Open Freedcamp custom image background userscript config

If you are on one of the global (vs project) pages you will see the following options:

Config available on global pages

For example, we will use two Unsplash images available via the following links:

You can use option ‘Invert color’ to make the text on page more contract depending on your image background choice

When inside a project, when you click Tampermonlkey icon and access the config, you can customize just this project – an extra option will be shown.

Config available on project pages

This user script allows you to:

  • change the background image for global pages/boards
  • set default background image for all projects
  • set an individual custom background image for a project
  • display project background image in Projects Board

Please give it a try!