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🚀 One giant leap for mankind

The first artificially intelligent Project Management system. Let our robots do the thinking, focus on what matters.

Taking Project Management to the next stage.

How to enable the new Home Page
How to enable the new home page

Artificial Intelligence

Every piece of information is carefully examined and automatically selected based on our AI system

Intelligence Everywhere

Every list is carefully filtered and narrowed down to what’s truly important

The most critical notifications Organized and summarized

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    Reduce the amount of time it takes to stay up to date with what’s happened that is important to you

Quickly access the Project’s that actually matter

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    Whether you have a hundred or ten projects, we’ll help you find the right one

Your Workload

Keep items you’re working on

up to date with ease

Lightning Fast Actions

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    Quickly update tasks you’re working on with Quick Actions

Bird’s eye view of what’s up next

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    Upcoming section with the tasks you should work on next

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    Agenda panel that shows you the plan for the week

Quick Add on Steroids

Add new items effortlessly

Current Workload

Add new tasks that you’re working on

Projects Panel

Quickly add an item for a specific Project and Application

Agenda Panel

Select the day and add a new item due that day