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Dashboards – tailored for your team

The Enterprise trial is now open and does not require you to contact our support to enable it. As always, we do not make implicit conversions from trials so you are in full control to let a trial expire or

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Reports – updates

We updated Reports Summary view (1) and added XLS export (2). The top section will show each project status(3). You can switch between two methods of project progress calculation (4) as described in our documentation. If you use Time tracking

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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp? As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight: Project Overview Added Project Statuses and Status Updates with email notifications. The last project status shows up on our Project Board.

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Reports – New Progress Calculation

We now offer two different types of progress calculations. Our previous method, which uses Task counts. And the new, more precise approach, which uses durations where possible and tasks completion percentages. Old reports will automatically benefit from these new types of calculations! Please check specifics

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Documentation: Reports 📈

We added the documentation page for Reports. Reports are available on the Business and Enterprise plans. They offer a visual representation of how your projects are progressing, through burn-up charts and pie charts at a project and user level.

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📈 Reports – more accurate progress, Burn Up charts and time

We worked hard in December to improve Reports available on Freedcamp Business and Enterprise plans. – removed a bunch of restrictions which were based on combined tasks in projects you are selecting (report will run when combined tasks count in

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New Recap email


Staying up to date with Freedcamp until today meant reading through a long email containing every update from the past day, or using the Calendar board to see all items with a Due Date in one place. To help you

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Create reports with Data Feed Links


Data feed links allow you to create your own dynamic reports. You can share or post them back to Freedcamp, share them as a static image, or a dynamic chart for your team and clients. Essentially we allow you to

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