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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp?

As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight:


  • We rolled out our new interface, which allows you to achieve your goals with fewer clicks. Check this post to learn more!
  • You can now shift dates for all tasks in a project in addition to the task list and task with subtasks level.
  • Added the ‘Recurrent’ filter so you can see all recurrent tasks.
  • Fixed ordering on the Tasks Board to reflect the order of project groups and projects.


  • Added Undo/Redo buttons.
  • Added Indent/Outdent buttons that allow you to transform selected tasks into subtasks and vice versa.
  • Added the option to show start/due date and task duration.
  • Added a new option to make tasks weekends aware when rescheduling.
  • You can now select multiple tasks by pressing Ctrl+click or Shift+click and move or indent/outdent.



  • Exporting global time entries from the Task Board now has an ‘Include archived projects’ option.


You can now select to display the most recent comment on top in the new interface.

We also started collapsing long comments threads just like Gmail.

Mobile applications

  • Added the ability to select the default homepage.
  • Made access to global boards easier.
  • Moved the navigation bar to the bottom so you can easily reach it with your thumb.
  • We are in the final stages of testing our new release which will add support for all task attributes and functions.

Manage Freedcamp

  • Added a ‘Global Users‘ section that allows you to see and manage users across all of the projects that you own.


  • Added two new Zapier triggers and actions: Task Completed and Add a Discussion Comment.
  • Tags auto-suggestions are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Added the option to disable the Tutorials & Support menu option for White Label users.
  • Reports can now be deleted by the owner of all project groups included in the report.
  • We updated the Project Overview application. The Recap tab information is now more complete and is fully described here.
  • CRM contacts are now included in search results.