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📬 Email-In – task list directive supported

When using Email-In to create tasks in Tasks application in your project:

– you can add space+slash / at the end of your subject line and specify the exact task list name you want a task to be added to.

– if you want files to be uploaded to a specified folder start your subject with /your_folder/etc. to specify a path to upload your files.


Subject: “New feedback from a client /Feedback”
A task will be created in the task list ‘Feedback’ with the title “New feedback from a client”. 

Note: There must be a space separating the subject and a task list name if it is specified.
“New feedback from a client<space>/Feedback”

If a task list does not exist, or not specified in a subject – a task will be added to the first task list.

Please learn more about Email-In in our documentation.