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✔️ Assigning tasks to multiple people, the easy way


We asked you to complete a survey and identified a few use cases. A. Shared responsibilityFor example, the ‘Fix computer’ task is assigned to Bob and John who are both responsible to complete this task. Both Bob and John will

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📱 Mobile Application – New Updates

Here are highlights of our new public beta release available now and following our December update. Please access these links on your device to join the public beta on Android or iOS (you can install the beta version in TestFlight).

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Copy/Move Task Lists and Tasks

You can copy/move tasks with subtasks and task lists in Freedcamp now. You can also copy and move tasks and tasks lists between projects on all paid plans In Freddcamp. Please start your 14 days trial on our pricing page.

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📱 Freedcamp iOS/Android – invitation to install and test

Please check on what is new in the next release below! – Calendar Board is added to the homepage (1) Completed items are shown with a grey color font (2). Due dates are outlined with < (2), start dates with > (5).

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Reschedule Deadlines Quickly with Shift Dates!


We are excited to announce ‘Shift Dates’ functionality available on all plans including the Free Plan. You can now move all deadlines for tasks that have not been started, forward (to schedule for later execution) or backward (to start tasks

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‘Isabella’ release is here


Another release named after one of our Kickstarter backers request, ‘Isabella’ is here! Why the crown? Our backer Collin Gibson said, “Isabella was a Spanish Queen my mom was named after and this was her crown. Let’s dedicate this Freedcamp update to all

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Shortcut to see Task and Subtask Descriptions

Wherever you see the comment icon for tasks and subtasks with ‘…’ you can hover over with your mouse to view the task description. Check out the animated GIF below to see this in action!

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Filter tasks and time records by date interval

We’ve added the ability to filter Tasks by date created or due date, and Time by date. For example, this allows you to easily see time records for this month or tasks with due dates this and next month. Check out the GIF

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Free subtasks upgrades

Now you can reorder free subtasks and convert tasks to subtasks and subtasks to tasks with drag and drop. To convert a task to a subtask (when Subtasks Pro add-on is not enabled) a task must have only title and

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Create reports with Data Feed Links


Data feed links allow you to create your own dynamic reports. You can share or post them back to Freedcamp, share them as a static image, or a dynamic chart for your team and clients. Essentially we allow you to

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