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📱 Freedcamp iOS/Android – invitation to install and test

Please check on what is new in the next release below!

– Calendar Board is added to the homepage (1)

Completed items are shown with a grey color font (2). Due dates are outlined with < (2), start dates with > (5). All items you can see in the web interface are shown (4), however opening them in the mobile application is not yet supported and you will be prompted to pen them in your browser.

– swipe a task or a subtask to the right to change status (previously only the next status was available, now you can change status to any status)

– swipe a task or a subtask to the left to add a subtask, edit or access ‘more’ actions

Use (1) to add a subtask, (2) to edit and (3) to access extra actions (more actions are coming soon).

Platform-specific notes can be found below


The Freedcamp beta app for Android is available for everyone to install from Google Play. Please send us all your feedback to


The Freedcamp beta app for iOS is available for everyone to install from AppleStore.

Please note that application has featured current iOS application does not have but also misses some function you can access now. A while ago we decided to develop our Android and iOS applications using the same code base. It will allow us to improve speed and release new functions much faster. We will release new iOS application from beta to live only after we will re-add Calendar Board and ability to add subtasks you currently have in the current Freedcamp iOS application. As a beta tester, you will get access to these functions in the new beta application as soon it is added and released by us.

What is missing in beta for iOS users only (consider it as a temporary downgrade)?
– Notifications page (we will bring new notifications page you use now to both platforms soon)
– My tasks across all projects view (in beta iOS app you have access to your Recap from the Dashboard – covers the next 7 calendar days and your overdue items)
– Adding subtasks (PART OF THIS BETA RELEASE)
– Inviting people to a project