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🔎 Filters – blocked/available and last updated

We added the ‘Available’ filter in Tasks application with values Yes and No, which will be truly appreciated by teams using dependencies between tasks. How it works? Yes – all immediate predecessors are completed   No – at least one immediate

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📧 Email-In – managing duplicate files

We received this question in support and decided to share the answer with all our users. I  use the email-in feature extensively with Freedcamp, and that means that I have a whole lot of duplicate files everywhere in my projects,

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Updates to Filters and Saved Searches


In addition to “Search Operators – title::, description:: and comment::” we added: – option ‘Not set’ inside the Due Date filter. – ‘Embed Form Reported’ filter in the Issue Tracker application to let you see issues reported from the web site

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Subtasks filtering is here!

Now subtasks are filtered using the same criteria as tasks. If you are not using Subtasks Pro extension in Freedcamp – check it out! It saves tons of time and works great with new Saved Searches. If a task is

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How to use new Saved Searches


For all of you who had ‘Hide Completed’ tasks filter on we created a similar saved filter replacement. Here is an instruction as to how to create one from scratch. Now we will create ‘My tasks due next 7 days’

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