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📱 Mobile Application – New Updates

Here are highlights of our new release available now. Added Custom Fields support in Tasks: Improved Recurring tasks interface: Added the ability to select a completion date when closing a task: The next version to be released in January will

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✂️ Custom Fields for Projects


Custom fields let you add additional attributes to Freedcamp projects. You can create a drop-down for initiatives, a date attribute for a launch date, a number field for a budget, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and

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Custom Fields – new option


When you apply multiple custom field templates to a project you have a selection choice when you create a new task in that project which includes no custom fields option. However, before this change, if only one custom field template

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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp? As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight: Project Overview Added Project Statuses and Status Updates with email notifications. The last project status shows up on our Project Board.

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Custom Fields – in XLS export and data feed links


We’ve exposed your custom field values to our XLS exports and data feed links. Custom Fields data will be added to the XLS export and the Data Feed Links, if: 1) It’s an export to XLS or a data feed link for a

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The most advanced Custom Fields online


We set out to create something special. Adding custom fields one by one to each task was boring and frankly it is already done by other solutions. We decided to concentrate on time saving while maintaining flexibility and customization. Here are

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