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📅 Reschedule Task Lists and Tasks with ‘Shift Dates’


You can now reschedule your tasks to be done earlier (enter negative dates offset value) or later with ‘Shift Dates function available on a task list level (click images to enlarge, please) and task level (will also reshedule subtasks): By

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Copy/Move Task Lists and Tasks

You can copy/move tasks with subtasks and task lists in Freedcamp now. You can also copy and move tasks and tasks lists between projects on all paid plans In Freddcamp. Please start your 14 days trial on our pricing page.

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🔎 Global Search is launched!


There’s nothing worse than wasting time clicking through your past and present projects trying to find a piece of information you knew would come in handy right now. New Freedcamp search will enable you to find what you are looking

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Email-In – issue type is supported in Issue Tracker

You can specify issue type directly in email-in email (new supported values are shown below in bold): YOUR_HASH+issues+[task|bug|cosmetics|exception|feature|usability|performance|auto-reported]@ Check the documentation page to learn more about Email-In function in Freedcamp.

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📈 Reports – more accurate progress, Burn Up charts and time

We worked hard in December to improve Reports available on Freedcamp Business and Enterprise plans. – removed a bunch of restrictions which were based on combined tasks in projects you are selecting (report will run when combined tasks count in

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Invoices application – supports tax free items and invoices

New configurable ‘Tax Invoice’ option is added. Now rather than leaving tax at 0% which is often not correct according to accounting rules you can switch tax column entirely in your invoice (1) or type N/A in a tax cell

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💬 Improved filters in Discussions application

This is a backlog oldie but goodie. Freedcamp now has advanced filters you can save in Discussions application! We have plenty of posts about our filters and saved searches in our blog. Do not forget that search text can also

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🔑 Copy/move your passwords with Import Passwords

We added a new option allowing you to import passwords in addition to export in Freedcamp Passwords application. It effectively allows you to move passwords between project groups or copy frequently used passwords, for example, setting a new project group

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Add comments directly on Notifications page 🔔


We found that it is a very frequent and time-consuming operation to open a new update and add a comment. Not anymore! Now you can add comments to new updates directly on Notifications page. (click animation to enlarge)

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New Notification for Undelivered Emails

It can be a hassle when emails are not being delivered to your team, customers, or contractors. Especially when you didn’t even know the email was not delivered. From now on account owners will be proactively notified about email delivery issues. Hard

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