Monthly Archives: November, 2015

Assign tasks to teams – workaround

I would like to share how you can assign tasks to groups of people. This approach will work well if such teams are persistent (do not change from project to project) and you need to assign tasks to teams and

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Sponsor feature development


We, at Freedcamp, started our journey as a freemium business and want to ​keep providing a free​ tool for our users​. ​We ​offer free features ​that let you fully manage all ​of ​your projects with as many people as you

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Using Freedcamp for translations


I recently had a request from our customer United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR). They said “We need a word-count function. After creating a task, the number of the words in the post can appear next to the title. We currently

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How to auto-number your Tasks

We have no plans to add task auto-numbering in Freedcamp, but thanks to browsers growing ecosystem – multiple improvements can be made. If you want task ID to be generated for every task created and being consistent across your team –

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How to link Tasks with Milestones?


Linking Tasks with Milestones is easy. Check animated gif file (feel free to click it to zoom).

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Release notes – 7 November 2015


Here’s what we have for you this time around: • Subtasks are now released. More advanced version with more features is coming later this year! • Tasks is the new name for the To-Dos application. • Global Tasks Board is

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