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🔐 Safe against hacking attacks

We are thrilled to welcome Cyberoo. They provide Freedcamp with penetration testing, ensuring our product is safe against hacking attacks. As a user, they also trust our product for their distributed teams to collaborate, giving Freedcamp the highest stamp of

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🔐️ Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML ️

Access Freedcamp with corporate credentials using SAML based SSO – leading industry standard for exchanging the authentication and authorization data. Freedcamp supports Microsoft Azure AD, Google SSO, Okta etc. Enterprise plan users can access Freedcamp with corporate credentials if SAML-based SSO (SSO/SAML integration).

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Two-Factor Authentication is available for Enterprise Users


Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to the sign in process. It is available on Freedcamp Enterprise plan and all users invited into Enterprise projects can turn it on. Learn more in the Freedcamp documentation.

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Read only access was added to Freedcamp


Want to share your project with clients or stakeholders? Invite them in Read-Only mode. We’ve added an ‘Observer’ team for you in all new projects as well. Reminder – we now have now 4 security profiles and 4 default teams,

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