Daily Archives: February 11th, 2020

🚩 Milestones – redesigned to delight


A few months ago, we released the brand new Milestones application. Before we will show its highlights, let’s talk about milestones concept in project management in general and how the Milestones application in Freedcamp can be and is used by

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🔐 Safe against hacking attacks

We are thrilled to welcome Cyberoo. They provide Freedcamp with penetration testing, ensuring our product is safe against hacking attacks. As a user, they also trust our product for their distributed teams to collaborate, giving Freedcamp the highest stamp of

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💿 White Label – more white than ever

We removed more Freedcamp branding from our internal pages as well as links to Freedcamp documentation pages when the white label is enabled. It only affects your users, but not you. Please keep that in mind when checking! For example,

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