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Seamlessly track time on tasks and issues

We integrated time tracking with Tasks and Issue tracker. If you open a task you will see the Time tab between Comments and History. You can add and modify time records in this area now. Different team members can track

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📱 Mobile Application – New Updates

Here are highlights of our new public beta release available now. Please access these links on your device to join the public beta on Android or iOS (you can install the beta version in TestFlight). ⛳️ Milestones You can open

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💾 History – items activity log

You can access changes history for an item in Freedcamp now. History is supported in the following Freedcamp applications – Tasks, Discussions, Events, Files, Wikis, and Issue Tracker. The most recent changes are shown on the top of the page.

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Email-In – issue type is supported in Issue Tracker

You can specify issue type directly in email-in email (new supported values are shown below in bold): YOUR_HASH+issues+[task|bug|cosmetics|exception|feature|usability|performance|auto-reported]@ Check the documentation page to learn more about Email-In function in Freedcamp.

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Introducing mentions for People @Name/username


While you’re posting in Freedcamp @-mention a teammate (1), and they’ll be automatically added as a follower and receive your comment. You can always click on mentions (2) and see new profile card. It shows the time difference between you

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‘Isabella’ release is here


Another release named after one of our Kickstarter backers request, ‘Isabella’ is here! Why the crown? Our backer Collin Gibson said, “Isabella was a Spanish Queen my mom was named after and this was her crown. Let’s dedicate this Freedcamp update to all

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Search by issue ID (with or without prefix) and unique ID in Issue Tracker

You can now search issues by: Issue ID (with and without prefix) or Unique ID provided by us inside URL. Check out the GIF below to see this in action. Update: See all Issue Tracker features in our documentation.

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Update by email now supports attachments and inline images


As you may know, we are working* on adding ability to create new tasks, issues, discussions and upload new files to Freedcamp by emailing them in. However, our feature allowing you to update Freedcamp by replying to Freedcamp’s email notifications

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