Have An Application In Mind? Let Us Know!

With the advancement of Version 2, Freedcamp is taking the next step in web development. With the release of Marketplace, creating custom applications allows for flexibility and choice amongst users looking for a more robust system. We have already developed

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Welcome To The Marketplace!

With the release of Freedcamp Version 2, we are proud to introduce our Application Marketplace. We built it to offer applications that will improve the workflow and productivity of each and every user. Our goal is to provide a centralized

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Version 2.0 Is Now Live!


Without further hesitation, we are proud to announce the next step in online project management. Version 2 is officially live! Some new features include: Application Marketplace Reply By Email Project Templates Dashboard Widgets Invitation Management Customizable Notifications New & Improved

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Version 2.0 Changes Everything.


After months of anticipation, we are eager to officially announce version 2.0! Freedcamp is working very hard to bring you the best project management and collaboration platform on the web! Here are some of the amazing features you can expect:

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Version 1.3.2


Even though most of our efforts are focused on developing Version 2.0 which is very different from the existing version it’s not lost on us that you deserve the features you request developed and launched. So today we are bringing

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Freedcamp in the Chrome Web Store!


A little while ago we decided to become a Chrome Web Store application to increase exposure (and our system supports chrome 110% as all developers use chrome). Now we have received so many great reviews we would love it if

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Can’t afford expensive PM solutions?

We understand where you’re coming from. Not so long ago we were a start up and couldn’t afford to pay the costs of these expensive project management applications. So we built Freedcamp, to finally create the last resting place for

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Release Version 1.1.0


This release may seem less noticeable than our last but it’s actually quite more than meets the eye. We have added the following: Files Purchase extra Storage Date Picker now starts on Monday We have added language support, but until

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Release 1.0.1

From the feedback our users have been providing, here is a list of bugs we’ve fixed so far: – FIX: File upload in certain web browsers – FIX: Broken link when receiving email notification from discussions comment – FIX: Broken

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Project Management. Completely Free, Forever.

It’s an amazing thing nowadays — so many products are offered for free. We have free education through MIT, free email accounts with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, free VOIP with Skype, even an entire section of Craigslist is dedicated to

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