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Get Thanksgiving Right with Freedcamp

In about a week most people in the United States will be sitting around a table eating delicious turkey. The execution of this event can be a real chore and it typically won’t ever be 100% smooth. So this Holiday Season try running your event with Freedcamp.

With Freedcamp you can first invite all the people you want to come to your house in a Project. This is much better than email because you will know which people accept the invite and which didn’t without having to read their responses.

Assign some common tasks to your visitors like bringing a salad or a turkey using the To-Do’s application. Schedule a Milestone for everyone to come help get the house ready the day before the event, this way everyone will get emails reminding them to do it.

Instead of reading countless email replies, text messages, or comments in a Facebook event, you will have one page where you can really feel in control of the event.

Happy Holidays!