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James Jones and James Johnson just joined Freedcamp project ….

If you happen to have two people in your team like James Jones and James Johnson Freedcamp will show them both as James J. Not super handy when you want to assign a task or subscribe for a notification. Avatars will help but now always.

You can ask both James’ to go to My account page in Freedcamp and add a comma after their last name and save settings.

This approach can only be used when a person’s name consists of two words like ‘John Smith,’ (will show full name everywhere) and won’t work with names like ‘James-Claude Van Damme,’ (validation won’t allow saving).

You can also use a comma to separate name and surname in names like ‘James-Claude Van Damme’ after sign up if you won’t to correct how Freedcamp shortened your name and did not capture your first name correctly.