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Latest news from Freedcamp

From November 2020 to March 2021, we made some fantastic updates to elevate your experience in managing your projects:


We’ve made multiple changes, as explained in this blog post.

  • Added a more convenient interface for linking tasks.
  • Added the ability to add comments and attachments.
  • Added a Range option for the date filters.

We are also working on adding subscribe to milestones and milestones notifications for subscribers.

Custom Fields

Added the ability to show custom fields directly on the tasks page. To enable this, click the eye icon next to Bulk Edit.

Sometimes you want to stop using a custom fields template for a while. Now you can archive it for later use.

You can also clone custom fields templates. Great for when you want to have similar templates with only a few different fields.

The Homepage

We’ve added tons of new options that allow you to make the Homepage truly yours. Click the Customize button on the Homepage to see them all.

Inline Images

Graphics are an essential part of creating high-quality communication, so now you can work with images inside the editor. Try pasting or dropping an image into your content to see it appear in between your text!


Reloading the page to get the latest updates is a thing of the past! You will now receive in-page notifications that something has changed and instantly fetch the updates.

We’ve also added an icon next to tasks that lets you know if you have any notifications in that task.


Business and Enterprise users can not add tags in My Account > Tags, not just view and delete them.

Enterprise subscribers can now restrict tag creation.

Tags can now be displayed in the Tasks List view.

Tips & tricks

Attach cloud files like a pro.

Where did I attach that PDF last week?


We’ve been working on a Slack integration, which was requested by many of you in the past few years. Here’s our roadmap for it.


Everything has been optimized to load faster.

Added collapse/expand list option for Discussions and Wikis.

Starting next week we will allow you to reorder wikis with drag and drop similar to tasks.

Emojis are now supported in Discussions, Issues, Wikis, and CRM (only descriptions and titles, not comments).

Added date picker by duration to Gantt view.

Reports now show the number of projects they contain.