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Milestones: New Improvements

Comments and Attachments

Did you ever need to discuss a milestone with your team? Milestones didn’t support comments, since for a long time they functioned similarly to task lists. With improvements last year making them more like a special type of item, we felt it was time to add the ability to make comments and add attachments to milestones.

Linking tasks to milestones felt a bit rough, so we decided to use a familiar concept to make the process smoother. Just like we have a drawer for opening a task or the filters menu, we now have a drawer to see all available tasks you can link.

To use it, click the context menu on a Milestone and select Link Existing Tasks. Once the drawer opens, you’ll be able to select existing tasks, as well as filter available tasks(very useful in big projects).

Filter by Range

Our date filters usually have a date input, as well as some preset values such as Yesterday, Next 7 days, In the past etc. For some use cases that wasn’t enough, so we’ve now implemented date range options for all of our date filters for milestones as well as tasks linked to them.

If you have any feedback on these changes, or you’d like to see other improvements, please leave a comment below or email us at