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📢 Latest News from Freedcamp

What’s New with Freedcamp?

As we continue our mission to provide better control of your projects, we have some important updates to highlight:

The Homepage

  • New Homepage released with better design and improved performance after beta testing.


  • You can access changes history for an item in Freedcamp now.


  • The Task Bin.
  • We separated ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’ filters for ‘Date Completed’.
  • Import tasks to multiple projects on the Task Board  – we added import template.

Custom Fields

  • We separated ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ in filters for date type custom fields.


  • 2FA can be set in addition to SSO on the Freedcamp Enterprise plan.


  • Added CRM Calls export to XLS.
  • Improved Contact view page.
  • Links entered for contacts such as web site, or LinkedIn profile are clickable.


  • Made public wikis responsive to small screen sizes such as mobile browsers.


  • Users can only see tags in projects they are part of in auto-suggest.


  • Recap email has a more informative subject with emoji if you have overdue items.
  • When a team member with the ‘minimal’ level email notifications is unassigned from an item, they will also be unsubscribed.


  • Tasks icons in the left side panel now also reflect tasks progress status and are updated dynamically as you work with the gantt view.


  • Full item titles will show on mouse hover.


  • We will remind you that no other users are subscribed to follow your new topic when you post it.


  • We continue to test our own Google Drive file picker with customers who use our White Label feature to run Freedcamp on their own domain.


  • We keep showing an avatar for team members who were removed from a project.

Manage Freedcamp

Mobile applications

  • Quick add for tasks and subtasks, support tags and likes in comments are added.


  • We implemented performance improvements, especially for users running many projects.
  • Disabled browser auto-suggestions in the filters text search as they do not help and sometimes inject values users do not notice.
  • Fixed Clockify browser extension icon position in Milestones.
  • Long strings in comments when a code snippet tool was used caused layout of page to break – fixed!