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✂️ Custom Fields for Projects

Custom fields let you add additional attributes to Freedcamp projects. You can create a drop-down for initiatives, a date attribute for a launch date, a number field for a budget, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and company.

This module is available on the Enterprise plan. You need to have the Project Overview application added to your projects to allow your users to access and update custom fields for projects.

Select from seven types of fields
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Use templates – no reason to add the same fields over and over to your projects. Just create as many templates as you need for your use case and apply them to your existing or new projects with a few clicks.

Custom Field Templates ensure consistency – ‘Development’ template will always add those 5 extra fields – preventing users from adding only 3.

Realized you need to add extra value in a drop-down used by 10 marketing projects? We have you covered – simply edit the Custom Field Template in one place and it will apply it to all projects.

Running different types of projects – ‘Marketing’, ‘Development’, ‘Design’? We thought about it too – create 3 templates with required fields. Simply select the ‘Marketing’ template while creating your next marketing project and all fields will be applied.

Need to add a lot of extra fields? This case is also covered – add separators to your template to logically separate groups of custom fields for better clarity.

Dislike order custom fields are showing – simply go to Custom Fields Templates and use drag and drop to rearrange them including separators.

Text, input, date, number, checkbox, drop–down and separator types are supported. It is safe to add new ad rearrange existing values in drop-down fields after you already started using them in your projects.

Access special section in Freedcamp Reports ‘Summary’ section to see custom field values for a portfolio of your projects.

Freedcamp also offers Custom Fields – Tasks available on Business and Enterprise plans.