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Release Notes – 1 Nov 2018

What’s New with Freedcamp?

As we continue on our mission of enabling you to take control of all your projects. From set up to completion, and all that happens in between. Stay up to date on all the improvements we make by checking the latest updates on our blog. Here are some highlights you may have missed:

Public Projects

Share your initiatives with the world! You can create a public roadmap of your product, or build an entire community to work together. While enjoying most of our premium features for free.

Project Overview

Utilize an overview of your projects and team on our Enterprise plan with the Project Overview application.


Our new tag system makes finding related items a breeze! To be released early next week.

Task Improvements

  • Separation of today and tomorrow while filtering. Now you can see your team or personal tasks for each day separately.
  • Four new features added to Tasks Lists to improve your productivity.
  • Added support for .xlsx files and sped up importing 2x faster.
  • Added support for importing tasks in the Tasks Board to a selection of projects.
  • Duplicate task won’t be created when you set a task recurrence with a high frequency like ‘daily’.

Intelligent Replies

Easily reply to a selected part of a comment with this new feature.

Daily Recap

To keep your inbox nice and tidy we’ll only notify you of upcoming due dates via the Recap email.

Email Notifications

New notification will be sent to Account managers regarding any emails that were not delivered to your team. Ensuring deadlines are met in case of delivery issues.

CRM Improvements

  • Call reminders are now displayed on the Recap page and email. CRM calls are also available via Calendar application sharing including instant GSync.
  • You will not see completed CRM tasks in tasks view – once you checked them off they are longer in your way.

Wiki Lists

You can now organize your Wiki’s using the same List system you find in other applications like Tasks.

Android App

Is in public beta – request an invitation to install and test.

iOS App

Is also in public beta – please send us a request install and test.

Notification Count

We no longer show the number of unread notifications based on your filters. The red number on top of Freedcamp now represents all your unread notifications.


We’ve released a new version of the FileEdit application. It fixes the permission problems during installation on Win 10 and a bug when PDF files were not detected and not offered to upload.

Issue Tracker

Statuses are now consistent with those used in the Tasks application.

API Updates

  • Recent projects list is updated as you use API. Your projects on different devices and integrated systems will show now the same list of projects.
  • Favorite projects attribute is returned with a list of projects in API responses. It is also possible set favorite flag on a project via API.
  • You can get a list of Backups in your account and download them via API.
  • You can fetch tasks from archived task lists.
  • Filtering by task’s created date has been added.


We’ve added Azerbaijani and Ukrainian languages, which are translated 12% and 3.4% now. And we’ve updated Freedcamp with recently translated phrases.