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Inline images in Wiki application

Creating beautiful Wiki pages became much easier now. Simply attach your files, insert them full size as shown below, align and you are done. You can see how we create Freedcamp documentation for a new Google Drive module below.

You can make your Wiki page public in Freedcamp and add to your external web site or share with the clients. Try to access public link this page if you are not logged in to Freedcamp.


Try Wiki application for free by installing it from our Marketplace.

Google Drive integration

Sharing documents and files is an essential part of collaboration and team work. Your feedback and support was amazing! Thank you. Today we are adding another simple way to keep files and tasks together – Google Drive integration.

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service, which enables cloud storage, file sharing, collaborative editing and keeps track of all your changes with revision history.

Google Drive module is just $2.99 for unlimited projects and users. Upon subscription completion it will be enabled in all your projects. For projects you are invited to or project groups you are administrator – please ask a project owner to upgrade to enable it.

Once installed you will see an additional option to attach from Google Drive.


Sign in to a Google account (we provide an option to switch Google accounts on the next step).


Now you can:

(1) Switch Google accounts

(2) Use filters

(3) Change between thumbnail and list views

(4) Search your files (check Google documentation for tips and tricks)

(5) Select one or multiple files and add them to Freedcamp.


Your files will remain stored on Google Drive. Make sure that you shared them on Google Drive with your team.

Attached documents contain tiny Google Drive icon and option to open them on Google Drive.


Google Drive files won’t count towards your file storage space in Freedcamp, however you can see all files attached from Google Drive in Files section.


Finally we would like to list all Google integration options you can find in Freedcamp:

• To link you Google account and access Freedcamp without a need to type your credentials, if you are logged in into your Google account, or use Google single sign-on otherwise. You can always use your Freedcamp’s user name or email and a password to login as well.

• To sync your Freedcamp’s calendar to your Google calendar.

• To attach Google Drive files to TODOs, Discussions and comments inside Freedcamp. Please login into your account, visit Marketplace and install Google Drive module.

Quick Tip: how to export your data to XLS file

Now you can export your TODO’s, Milestones and Time Tracking records to XLS file to create custom reports or just print it for a meeting or a client meetup. We are about to add Milestones information into TODO’s export file as, as you know, TODOs and Milestones are finally work together.

Quick Tip: how to export your data to XLS file

For your piece of mind we also provide full data backups. Note that files are not included into backups now but we will add them very soon.

Beautiful Interface, To-Do’s and Milestones integration, and more

Beautiful Interface

Beautiful Interface

The redesigned interface will make those long hours of managing your projects a pleasure rather than a chore. We can’t be more proud of this new chapter in Freedcamp history.

Check it out

To-Do’s and Milestones

To-Do's and Milestones

To-Do’s and Milestones are two great applications used separately. With the two applications now connected, tracking projects is much more convenient.


Fastest Version Yet

We’re constantly improving the speed of Freedcamp and have made major strides in ensuring you are experiencing the fastest system possible.

To-Do’s, Milestones, and Time Tracking

Export Your To-Do's Milestones and Time Entries

You can now export your application data and manipulate it with your favorite CSV editor. You’re welcome!

Organize Files

Organize Files in Groups

Managing files can get out of hand. Now you can create groups for your files to keep them nicely organized.

Project Colors

Project Colors

Know which project you’re working on just by looking at the color. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Quick Tip: how to access deactivated projects

Want to look for a file, task or discussion in an inactive project (1) but don’t want to activate it back? Easy – just go to manage projects page (2) and use ‘View’ button (3). Only project owner and group administrators can access deactivated projects. All other users, even if they still have a link to a project bookmarked, won’t be be able to see deactivated projects.

Quick Tip: access inactive projects

Backup Your Data

We are offering a way to back your data offline. For example, you can always restore data if someone accidentally deleted an important project, task or discussion. We hope that it gives our users a feeling of security, but also a way to access your data in different ways.


Here I will explain how this process will work:

- Go to ‘My Account’ page (1)

- Click ‘Backup’ tab (2) and select subscription

- We do backups daily and we send an email with a link to download as shown below.


We store backups for one year from backup date. You can access and download all your backups from Backups tab on ‘My account’ page (3) and cancel your subscription any time (4).

All your project data are exported from Freedcamp into XML format.

We are planning to:

- add your files to backups

- make backups browsable offline

For feedback please contact our support or post on our feedback portal.

Backup Your Data, Save With Yearly Storage, Create Group Admins

Backup Your Data

Cloud to Local Storage Backup Now Available

Sleep better at night by getting your Freedcamp data safely offline. We now let you export all the To-Do’s, Discussions, and other important data from the Cloud onto your own hard drive at a minimal cost. See the available options below.

Get 50% off your backups!

Yearly Storage

Get 50% off your backups!

Save money, save time, save the hassle.
Buy yearly storage and get a piece of mind.

Group Admins

You can finally give full Administrative privileges to members in your Groups. These Group Administrators can create new projects and install the paid applications you purchased.

Freedcamp Gets Better Everyday

We have all been working really hard to bring the features you have requested. Our next release will be a major improvement with a brand new design and some core workflow optimizations. In the meantime please go to our suggestions website and tell us what you want next!