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One click login to Freedcamp

Some time ago we announced an option to login with your social network..

Last week we added an option for new users to Sign Up with their existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account. It is important that we use these connections to simply sign you up hassle free and provide quick login. We do not access any of your data or post to your timelines or anywhere else.

If your Freedcamp account is already linked to a social network you typically logged in on your computer – you do not even need to click ‘Login’ (1) – just use social networks icons directly in Sign Up form (2) to login to Freedcamp. We automatically recognize you as an existing user and let you in.

One click login to Freedcamp

December Updates


To-Do’s Overhaul

Our #1 application gets a massive list of improvements that you will fall in love with!

  • Filters are now sticky and won’t get lost when you move around To-Do’s
  • Massive speed improvements, page loads in no time
  • Visually optimized for your viewing pleasure
  • Archive your To-Do’s and keep your To-Do’s looking tidy

New Calendar Design

Calendar ranks as one of the top 3 most used applications. So we decided to take in countless feedbacks and inspiration to come up with something new and remarkable.

Search Improvements

Now searching in your Freedcamp is much more accurate giving you the correct results when you need them.

Check our December newsletter online.

Google Drive file picker nuances

This post is for Freedcamp users who are already using or plan to use Google Drive module we announced a while ago.

We have a request from one of our users: “I recently purchased the Google Drive Module for our projects. However, it is largely useless to me as it does not support the following:
Browsing files by the folders I have set up instead of a search only option. Searching is difficult due the the similar file names for our projects.”

We decided to check how exactly Google Drive picker is implemented by Google and here are our findings (click images to enlarge).

(1) – allows to switch from thumbnails view to list view.
(2) – this little arrow pointing down allows to expand file types where you can filter by file type including …
(3) – folders view
(4) – If you click ‘Google Drive’ you will see next view.


Here (5) you will only be able to see five file types – Images, Documents, Presentations, PDF’s – no folders, videos etc. for some reason. Now hit ‘Back’ arrow located on left side of the file picker.


Here we are back on the main Google Drive file picker screen – you fill find no arrow (7) inside input fileld to filter by file types and folders. Your last filter will stuck (8) there (‘Images’ in this case). The only way to fix it is to close popup and open it again from Freedcamp.


Most likely Google will fix this problem but for now, this is how it works.

Get Thanksgiving Right with Freedcamp

In about a week most people in the United States will be sitting around a table eating delicious turkey. The execution of this event can be a real chore and it typically won’t ever be 100% smooth. So this Holiday Season try running your event with Freedcamp.

With Freedcamp you can first invite all the people you want to come to your house in a Project. This is much better than email because you will know which people accept the invite and which didn’t without having to read their responses.

Assign some common tasks to your visitors like bringing a salad or a turkey using the To-Do’s application. Schedule a Milestone for everyone to come help get the house ready the day before the event, this way everyone will get emails reminding them to do it.

Instead of reading countless email replies, text messages, or comments in a Facebook event, you will have one page where you can really feel in control of the event.

Happy Holidays!

Focus on Step One

It’s easier to add complexity to any one plan, the real art is to say no to a thousand decent ideas and focus on creating the one best thing.

I find myself planning massive changes to our system, making massive plans for my new closet organization schema, but then have a hard time making those massive plans become a reality. We all do this. The reason is that when we plan complex systems we get easily overwhelmed with how to achieve them. If we started with the very Minimal Viable Product we would be able to not only achieve it in record time but also have an easier time doing it. The beauty of starting with a simple system is that you get to find out what is truly missing (the essentials) right away. So the second iteration you do can resolve all of these issues.

The iPhone to me is the best example of this. It was launched with a very minimal viable set of features and within a year they added all the things humanity demanded of them (or at least the ones we found important).

So the next time you feel somewhat overwhelmed with something you are planning, there are too many connections to keep in your mind, it’s time to step back. Look at what is an absolutely must and scrap everything else for the initial release.

Don’t Ignore Friction

I don’t know if it’s the resilience of man kind or the stubbornness, but we tend to get used to all types of friction in our lives. From lifting the lid of the trashcan to unlocking our phone with a 4 digit password. It becomes a part of our routine and we basically never think about it again. Today I wanted to help us all remove friction from our lives and be happier and more productive.

Innovation is the introduction of a new method. I like to associate it with a better method that improves someones life, it removes friction. I think of myself as an innovator because I like to change methods constantly in search for a better method to do virtually anything. But I firmly believe that all of us are innovators, most of us simply don’t act on our ideas, and some of us don’t even realize we’ve innovated when it happens. At some point there was a person somewhere in the world who felt that lifting the lid off the trashcan to add your garbage to it seemed like friction, additional effort that wasn’t necessary. So they invented the foot operated lid opener. Then years later someone felt that using their foot was also too much friction so they invented the touch-less hand wave sensor that opens the lid electronically. trash Apple realized that typing 4 digits on your phone to keep it secure is a lot of friction. I mean think about it, if it takes you 5 extra seconds to unlock your phone, and on average you unlock it 60 times a day… that’s 5 extra minutes in a day. In a year you spend 30 hours unlocking your phone! But beyond the time savings, that little friction you experience every time you do it. So they invented the fingerprint unlock. Now it takes less than a second and you feel no friction. unlock So I challenge you to spend a day where you are hyper aware of any friction in your day. Once you have a list of things, make a plan to improve them. I did this today and realized the screen door to my house is always in the way. We are all constantly hitting it, dealing with it, holding it open for each other… it adds ferocious amount of friction to our day. Worst part is we never use it, we never keep our front door open. I just finished removing it and it felt great! One less thing to have to worry about when I am coming home.

Friction is a part of our work lives as well. When we started Freedcamp one of the biggest points of friction we wanted to remove was the need for 20 separate tools to run your business. Constantly switching tabs, logging into different systems, learning new interfaces, and zero integration between these systems. By providing you all the tools to collaborate with your team in one place we remove a lot of friction.

So spend some time analyzing your work day, figure out which parts feel like an uphill battle and find a way to improve them.

Please share your finds! If you are experiencing some friction it’s almost guaranteed that someone else has the same issue and either have already solved it or never realized they had it.

James Jones and James Johnson just joined Freedcamp project ….

If you happen to have two people in your team like James Jones and James Johnson Freedcamp will show them both as James J. Not super handy when you want to assign a task or subscribe for a notification. Avatars will help but now always.

You can ask both James’ to go to My account page in Freedcamp and add last name to first name value and keep last name blank as shown below.

Add last name to first name

Problem solved.

It works!

What if your you are lucky to have James Jones and … James Jones in your project? Please tell us and we will find a way to solve it :)

All you need to know about TODOs application in Freedcamp

In my last post I gave you some ideas how to use TODO groups and how you can add and update them.

Almost all the things can be done on main TODOs page. Check it out.

TODO drag and drop

Click animated gif to see it full size or replay.

Below you can find how to edit title and description, add files, insert them inline with the description, delete and change status of a TODO.

TODO edit open status

Click animated gif to see it full size or replay.