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Picking up possible email typos in emails

Mail checkAs you know we do not require email confirmation on Sign Up in Freedcamp. This to ensure that you can start working with the system straight away. It was important for us to make sure that you typed emails correctly. We searched and found Mailcheck library created by Kicksend, @derrickko.

Last release we added email typo spot checks to Invite People page. It is not perfect, as you can see on a screenshot, but at least it will draw your attention to potential errors in emails you typed and all your invites will get their email hassle free.

While researching this topic we also found Mailgun’s free email validation API. I know there are software developers following our blog who might be interested to hear about other options to validate a bit more just email’s syntax.

Project Templates – reworked and coming soon

templatesWe are now testing new module ‘Project Templates’. If you use Freedcamp’s templates and want to have an early access and help us to beta test it – please let us know.

With new Project Templates you can create a project, keep it inactive so no one except you can see it and use it to create new project from it. We did not stop here as many people, who use Freedcamp, realize that they ‘need another project just like the one I have just completed but with due dates shifted 1 year ahead’. We try to include all possible scenarios we met in support when you asked us and we did it for you manually. Here at Freedcamp, we believe – ‘manually’ is the best way to learn what you need, how often such requests arrive so we are not inventing but just automating things.

Now you have access to a simple 3 step wizard where some options may pop-up depending on your selections.

On step one – you select a project to copy from and type a new project name. You also select what applications will go into a new project. Often you do not want to drag Discussions or Time Tracking entries and if you use templates in Freedcamp we assume that you know that each project can have very own set of applications. If you selected an application where a project you are copying has due dates set we let you know.


On step two – you can either remove all due dates or keep them. We also allow you to shift forward all due dates relatively to the earliest due date in your project.


On step three – you select if you want to keep team assigned or remove everyone and whether or not you want to make new project available or keep it as inactive after it will be created.


Because original project can have a lot of files we decided not to leave you waiting in front of the screen for a new project to be created but to send you an email with a link to a new project instead.


We will be glad to let you use it know before official release to help us fix bugs and make it better.

Freedcamp’s Project Cloning Unit :)

Meet ‘Less or More web solutions’ from Netherlands

Less or More_thumbSince we started our company Less or More web solutions in 2011 we were searching for a solution to manage all the projects we are working on. We are a development company working for several clients at a time. We tried several tools, including Asana, Trello and the ZOHO suite. In 2013 we chose for Freedcamp because of both functionality and pricing. We liked the styling and most of the interaction. It was a young startup ready for big changes and solid development. We have seen new functionality coming like Notifications, KanBan and Time Tracking.

From the start we started contacting the development team of Freedcamp to come up with suggestions and small bugs, in this way we are able to give something back to the team of Freedcamp and make the product we use on a daily basis even more usable. Igor is amazing in his reaction time and the team is very willing to discuss functionality.

We are now using Freedcamp with a team of eight developers and some of our clients. We all assign tasks to each other and have small discussions about those tasks within Freedcamp. Having this functionality makes that all our projects are structured and clear for all developers. We also use the password manager to share all the passwords that we use. For Time Tracking we started with Freedcamp but have changed to our accounting software for easy invoicing.

Because Freedcamp is opened at all times at all the developers computers it would be awesome to have a standalone application. To achieve such an experience we created a standalone version of Freedcamp using Fluid App. We really recommend using Freedcamp (and other online platforms) this way.

We are looking forward to all changes and new functionalities within Freedcamp. We already know about some small changes that our development team will love. Thank you Freedcamp for making our lives easier!

Jochem van Kapel & Tim Scholten – CEO’s Less or More

Too many emails from Freedcamp? Unload your Inbox easily.

With the the latest update you can easily mute all emails in Freedcamp while still having access to all your updates.

Simply go to My Account Notifications page, set all projects to ‘no notifications’ (1) and optionally check ‘daily digest’ (2), which is one email sent daily with all of the updates to your Inbox.

Unload Your Inbox from Freedcamp notifications

Now you will have only one daily email with a recap (if you selected (2) above) and you can easily jump to Freedcamp to see new updates to check and respond. Below I am sharing my Notifications page with super-secret tasks I am following or working on :)

Unload Your Inbox from Freedcamp notifications 2

A few people at Freedcamp team already use this approach and are very happy with it as all new updates on the same tasks are stacked nicely together. Less friction – more time to do actual work.

Making an impact with Freedcamp – Nightline Association

We want to share this email we received yesterday. If you are helping people as Nightline Association is – please get in touch.

Dear Igor & Freedcamp Team,

I hope this finds you well.

On behalf of Nightline Association, I should like to thank you and the team at Freedcamp for their generous support of our small charity.

Nightline Association is the charity which supports, promotes and develops Nightlines across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Student-run Nightlines offer confidential and anonymous listening support at night when other university welfare services are usually closed.

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of Freedcamp in providing us with a free project management and communication platform. Freedcamp is allowing us to properly manage, track and coordinate activities amongst our geographically spread volunteer base and has recently been adopted as the single project management tool for all volunteers, trustees and our one staff member. I also understand from our IT volunteers that you have also provided premium services and add-ons at no cost, such as GoogleDocs integration, daily backups and migration support.

As a charity, we have recently updated our strategic objectives and without doubt Freedcamp is the tool which is going to keep us on track against these objectives.

Once again many, many thanks for supporting Nightline Association in this way.

Yours sincerely,
Mags Godderidge
Charity Manager
Nightline Association

If you want to contribute and help Nightline – check their web site.

How to remove HTML from XLS file you exported from Freedcamp

A few days ago we received a request from Tom:

“We add notes for each task into the description field and export weekly for status updates on our projects. Our clients are often corporate clients that may not have access to login to Freedcamp.
Currently, we have been doing a search and replace for all HTML markups in the document.”

Yes – recently we added rich text editor to To-Do’s. As a result Excel file you export from To-Do’s may contain HTML markup as shown below:


We brain stormed ideas how to fix it with minimal efforts. Sometimes fastest and working way is not Freedcamp’s improvement. Next day I received a reply from Tom:

“I have attached a macro I created that will remove the HTML markers and create a dash for all bulleted items. Feel free to reuse if someone has a similar request. If they save to their personal workbook, it will be available for any spreadsheet they work on in the future.”

Here it is – MS Excel macros Tom shared with us in a ZIP file: Remove_HTML_Freedcamp_exported-XLS.zip. Here are some instructions from YouTube about adding and running a macros in Excel.

Otherwise you can simply use find/replace in Excel as described here.

Thanks Tom ;) for sharing this workaround with Freedcamp community!

Update from Tom:

To be thorough – I have attached two files (ZIP file)

- Strip HTML – this will purely strip the HTML from the doc, and make bulleted lists display as ‘–’
- Strip HTML withColumns – all features of StripHTML, plus deletes the Type, Created By, Date Created, due date, date completed. I made this one, because it is much easier for clients to review weekly documentation without the extra columns.

I also made a quick video for you:

Thanks for the great product :)

Please say ‘thank you’ to Tom Coltrain

[Your name]‘s projects – how to rename default project group in Freedcamp

When you open a Freedcamp account we wanted your onboarding to be as simple as possible, so we use your name creating your first project group. Many people who want to use Freedcamp at work ask us how to rename it. Here is how:

Now you know how to rename a project group. Project groups can be handy to separate work/lifestyle projects, create separate groups for company teams/departments or, if you run multiple projects with the same client – project groups can be your clients. Here is how you will do it:

Check this post to see how to change order of projects and project groups.

To move a project to another project group (1) – simply hit ‘Edit’(2) as shown below:

Move Freedcamp's project to another project group

and select new project group (3) before saving:

Move Freedcamp's project to another project group 2

Quick Add – coming soon

We keep saving you clicks and reduce interruption – now Freedcamp’s team is testing new Quick Add. It lets you add anything without switching contexts. While reading a Discussion in one project you will be be able to add a Task in another project without opening a new tab with one click.

Quick Add Freedcamp - inside project

If you are not inside any project – Dashboard or Widgets pages – you will be prompted to select a project first.

Quick Add Freedcamp - outside project