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Easter Update

We launched a new update this past Sunday for easter. It included a long list of small improvements and things you may never notice, however a few things stood out so I’d like to point them out.

  • No more generic avatars, from now on when you don’t supply a picture we will use your initials to generate an awesome colored graphic with them.
  • Calendar widget in Dashboard now lets you click and directly open the events you see for an upcoming date.
  • But Tracker now allows you to subscribe people to updates of an issue.
  • Wiki now supports attachments.
  • You can now add inline images to things besides comments like To-Do’s and Discussions.

These are the major changes for now. The next release we have cooking will be a very strong facelift of many important aspects of the app. Get ready, it is gonna look amazing.

Webinar #1 Semi-Advanced Techniques

We have had our first successful webinar which went over some great Tips & Tricks on getting the most out of Freedcamp.



Topics covered:

  • Marketplace – Magic
  • Dashboard – Window into your Ecosystem
  • Wall – Social Heaven
  • Custom Ordered Projects
  • Personal with Tasky
  • Management Tricks
  • Time + Invoices
  • CRM for client acquisition and billing with Invoices
  • Calendar – Magic
  • Chrome Notifications
  • Quick Login
  • Public Wikis
  • Making it yours

Stay tuned for our upcoming Webinar for beginners.


New Release March 2014

We just sent a gorgeous email announcing our new release which only covered the tip of the iceberg. I wanted to spend a few minutes and to give you a full account of what’s happened and will be happening:

Here is the full list of interesting changes:

  • To-Do Subscriptions: You can now subscribe multiple people to a To-Do and they will be notified of all events that take place with that To-Do. This is our answer to “Multiple Assignees to To-Do’s” which we hope will be a sufficient resolution allowing you to assign the responsibility to multiple people by making sure they are kept up to date with the To-Do.
  • Mobile Support: This is only the first installment of our Mobile support improvements. It lets you fully view 90% of our applications, and even make some light editing. This is not meant to replace what a Native Application offering will give you, however we are truly tired of opening our website on our Mobile devices and not being able to quickly see what’s happening… and we’re sure you are too. Ps: We’ve gone one step further, if you add our app to your home screen via Safari it will have an awesome custom FC icon so it’s easy to spot when you launch it through your phone’s home screen.
  • Inline Images in Comments: We are starting with comments and will add this feature everywhere we can. This release has had some major focus on our comments because they are pretty much the core of all discussions in Freedcamp. From To-Do’s to Discussions, comments are it. You can now quickly show and share images directly inline with your text. We believe this will have tremendous improvement in the quality of comments.
  • Stunning New Comments: Something we announced a little while ago was that we’ve been able to secure a new designer who in our opinion is a super hero. Well he’s pulled his sleeves back and is starting to revamp the entire experience of Freedcamp. You should expect some serious facelifts in almost every next release this year. Our system will be eye candy that you won’t get enough of. You should love the place you work, and we’ll make sure that is the case.
  • Friendly Logouts: If you wrote a long comment only to lose it when you clicked submit because you were logged out of our system you surely know this is not ok. And we do too! So we decided to do something about it, if you have a long Discussion written, or even a large To-Do, you will not lose anything if you click submit when you are logged out. Instead we will ask you to type in your credentials and submit the item for you! Nothing lost. Its the little things that will make Freedcamp the ultimate workplace for any business.
  • Accept Invites from Any Email: It has only taken us 4 years to realize that people use Freedcamp for everything from Weddings and Camping Trips to Software Projects and everything in between. With that said many users accidentally created multiple accounts because they were invited to their “person” address yet wanted to accept with their “work” one and vice-versa. As of today you can accept invitations from any email you’d like. Allowing you to only have one Freedcamp account for all your awesome projects.
  • The all powerful Action Bar: We are constantly trying to make the experience of using Freedcamp better, faster, and just plain elegant. To do this we have added an awesome feature that makes the Item Action Bar to follow you down the page as you read through comments. We realized how much of an issue this was when our discussions got out of hand (60+ comments) and you wanted to close a To-Do after you read the latest comment… 35 and 1/2 scrolls up you finally could click “Mark as Completed”. Now no scrolls required! Instant satisfaction.

Things you may not notice or care about:

  • Choosing who to notify when adding a new item (which was just added to To-Do’s) is now using an awesome Multi-Select widget that lets you quickly sort a list of people in your project and select them all much quicker. This only will really have an effect on your and your team if you have more than 10 people in a project. So to you guys, you are welcome.
  • The entire system now uses Helvetica Neue font instead of Arial. If you are not a designer this probably means nothing. However if you are using the system today and you feel just a slight bit more productive, yup that’s why.

Where are backups?

So we’ve been talking about the ability to export your data offline… and we’ve been saying it’s right around the corner. This is true now. However due to security concerns we have we would like to spend extra time testing and verifying all is well executed. We take the safety of your data very very seriously. Along the backups feature we’ve been beefing up everything about our servers and their security. Anyways stay tuned, we’re hopeful to launch this in 2 weeks.

How did you do all this in two weeks?

A little known fact: Freedcamp has had only 1 (one) full time employee for all of 2013. The rest of us have been working part time. As of 2 weeks ago the team (Alex, Katya, Dima, Angel, Igor, Vadym, Bart) is all working full time. What this means for you is solid updates every ~2 weeks for the next year. We have a lot of amazing plans and now have the team to execute them. We are now much closer to our goal of becoming the last workplace you will need online.

Please be a part of the decision making process and give us ideas or vote one existing ones here.

Release Updates February 2014 – Valentines Day

We just launched a new version just in time for Valentines day!

Highlighted Feature: To-Do’s now have 1 Click Action Menu and a redesigned header!

  • To-Do’s: Clicking to edit a To-Do title now will open the extended description in one click
  • To-Do’s: Redesigned header shows you the information you need in a much easier to read format
  • To-Do’s: The new 1 click menu allows you to quickly complete tasks and move on
  • Wikis: Now has a much cleaner way of showing you what you are currently looking at
  • Daily Emails: Now show you any wall statuses that were posted
  • Files: You can now sort your files by which application they were uploaded in
  • Bug Tracker: There is now a way to see all your tickets no matter which status they are in
  • Username can now be found in my account
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements that are not worth mentioning await!

If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.

Using Bookmarks as QuickLinks

As we’re building our upcoming Version 3 of Freedcamp my time is split between working on the current Version 2 and V3. We’re constantly improving V2 with new features and improvements, however at the same time we are building almost an entirely new system. At first I had a hard time separating the two and quickly navigating to them, but I came up with a creative solution that I think would benefit most of you working on multiple projects.

I am using my bookmark bar to quickly access my most important places, these include To-Do’s and Discussions in both Versions, and of course my favorite apps Tasky and Password Manager which I probably click on 100+ times a day. So without further ado here is how my bookmarks look:

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.09.23 AM

I can’t tell you how much time this has saved me.  You can do this for all your projects and as many apps as you need.

We will also be supporting this natively somewhere in V3.X with a fully customizable project picker that will allow you to see most popular / latest active / bookmarked favs. However in the meantime the above trick should do the job.


Release Updates January 2014

As we wrapped up a great year at Freedcamp, we are giving you some excellent new features to ring in the New Year! We hope you enjoy, and happy 2014!

Highlighted Feature: Invoices+ can now be branded with a custom logo!

  • Emails sent via Invoices+ do not contain Freedcamp branding any more
  • Emails from Invoices+ are sent from your company and can be responded via that address
  • To-Do’s can be sorted by ‘created date’
  • To-Do’s and Discussions now show ‘Group’ name when viewing an item
  • Comments now contain a ‘Reply’ link that auto-populates with previous quote
  • Pending invites are now visible within Freedcamp (previously just email)
  • Notifications are available when you edit comments (previously only on create)
  • Password Manager offers the ability to create and organize ith groups – for better password management within teams
  • Wiki offers notifications when adding or editing an article
  • Bug Tracker now uses ‘Issues’ in the embedded module – a more flexible approach for reporting things other than bugs
  • Added a ‘Scroll To First/Last Comment’ buttons – useful for long, text heavy discussions
  • Username can be used to log in to Freedcamp (previously only allowed email)

We hope you enjoy the many additions to kick-off 2014. If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.

Release Updates 11.18

In an effort to keep you well informed, we will begin releasing monthly updates on the improvements that go on within Freedcamp. This month we have a few bug fixes along with the addition of a much requested feature. Check them out below.

Highlighted Feature: To-dos can now be sorted by due date

  • Added ‘subscriptions’ link to the top blue bar, easily manage your app subscriptions
  • Uploaded files now contain an ‘added date’
  • To-Do’s always display ‘created by’ in comments page
  • Added non-US date format to calendar app
  • Avatars now support BMP file uploads
  • Project Owner can now delete comments posted by others
  • An event can now be opened via calendar app from email notifications

We hope you enjoy the additions. If you have any suggestions for future improvements, head over to our User Voice page and drop us a line.

Growing Pains – The Good and the Bad

Anyone using Freedcamp the last couple of weeks may have noticed some slowing down and even server error pages. We are working very hard to ensure this does not happen any longer.

The Good

The good news is that Freedcamp has been growing in an exponential rate which means many more users are constantly working inside the system. This is great news for us as our dream of becoming the standard for collaboration online is becoming a reality.

The Bad

This means many of our current users are starting to experience some slowing down of the system. Which is completely unacceptable to us.


This was always bound to happen, and is nothing we can’t handle. Every single team member has contributed at least one improvement to the system which will speed things up. We’ve already implemented some, and are working to implement the rest. At the end of the day we have dozens of additional paths we can take from here that can sky rocket the speed of our application.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we fortify the system.

Angel Grablev
Freedcamp CEO

Goodbye Do.com

While Freedcamp isn’t just another Project Management solution, we like to take the time to acknowledge great companies within the industry.

With a recent acquisition from SalesForce, Do.com announces the discontinuation of their service on January 31st, 2014. For those unfamiliar, Do is a productivity platform with social and file sharing integration, and shares many of the same great features as Freedcamp.

If you’re a current Do user trying to find an alternative, Freedcamp might be right up your alley. Here are just a few similarities both platforms share:

  • Task Lists: Create a task, assign it, and get stuff done.
  • Projects: Create an unlimited number of projects to organize your tasks, milestones, and files.
  • Groups: Create a group, add friends, and being collaborating.
  • Reminders: Stay up to date with optional email and SMS alerts.
  • File Uploads: Upload and attach files to share and discuss.
  • Discussions / Conversations: Share ideas in a group setting.
  • Calendar: Set tasks, due dates, and priorities on a visual calendar.

While saying goodbye to a great service isn’t easy, the folks over at Do have announced an export tool in the works so users can easily move their data.

As we are familiar with Do, it is with much regret to see them go. To all the users at Do looking for a great alternative, Freedcamp welcomes you!

New Release Updates

We don’t get to post about all the wonderful updates we release as often as we’d like, everyone is busy writing code and trying to move the system forward. Today I just wanted to highlight some of the more interesting updates from our 30+ builds released without any announcements.

  • Ability to turn off the spell checker in wysiwyg
  • Fixed the date Daily Digest showed to match what you are seeing in the email
  • Added better validation to tell you why you can’t login (wrong pw or email)
  • Daily Digest avatars are now square and larger so it’s easier to quickly know who did the action
  • Todos now highlight where the todo will be dropped
  • Improvements to our notifications and new and improved mailing system that should ensure more emails are received even in case of your mail server being down temporarily
  • Dashboard Activity Widget now shows the exact time the item was updated/added
  • Todos now show who created the todo originally when viewed
  • Notifications across the application have been overhauled to bring much more information, and re-designed in cases to make more sense exactly what you are looking at (project etc)
  • Help Instructions across the board we’ve improved the language and the detail of places where our users seemed to have a hard time understanding a concept, so the system is even more friendly
  • and many more little improvements and fixes

Also just an update on the highly anticipated Version 3 that we are also hard at work on (while still maintaining and improving the current Version 2). We have made some tremendous progress and have had a great deal of breakthroughs. Something to highlight is that Version 3 is being built as an API first system, which means we are developing a developer API first which we then use to build the actual new interface. What this means is that on launch of Version 3 we will also be able to release a full API so that third-party developers can build mobile applications and a plethora of awesome browser plugins and extensions to make the entire experience better.

Besides the new backend structure we are redesigning the front-end to use the years of experience and thousands of great suggestions from you (our phenomenal users) to design a much simpler and streamlined interface. The new design was built by two world class designers and is still evolving. The actual UI will be built on top of the latest and greatest standards in web development including using the Built by Google Angular JS. This means the application will be a one page web app resulting in an extremely fast and responsive experience.

More details will be released as we get closer to an official launch, which currently has no set date but will be early 2014. Thank you, loyal users, for making this possible! We are rapidly growing and able to validate all the hard work we put into the project. We recently hit 210,000+ users milestone and the graph of signups is growing exponentially.