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‘Group by’ in the Issue Tracker application

Exciting news! We’ve just rolled out the feature to “group by” issues in the Issue Tracker application.Now, you have the flexibility to track issues in a way that aligns with your team’s preferences and workload. Stay tuned as our team

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Honey, I shrunk the Kanban columns


You can switch between three types of views in Kanban from very brief to detailed. Also, all three Kanban columns can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on its header. If you noticed that all of your tasks become very

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How advanced subtasks work in Kanban view


You can use drag and drop to move subtasks around. However moving subtasks from one column to another means that you also detach them from a parent task. If dragged and dropped subtasks can become a top level tasks well.

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How to switch between List and Kanban views in Freedcamp


When you sign up and create your first project we prompt you to select a preferred way of working with your tasks – lists or cards. You can easily change between them to try it out. You will find a

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